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Author Web Page - What is Next

Our Plans for Author Web Page are fairly ambitious. There are several possible services that we could provide. But each proposal will be evaluated depending on:

  • Is there a need for this service?
  • Can we deliver this service efficiently?
  • Is someone else already meeting this need?
  • Will the author benefit?
  • Will we benefit?

With that being said here are a few things that we are planning.

Author Web Page

Increasingly it is expected that new authors have an online presence. Our goal is to build a easy to use system where new authors can post the necessary biographical information that agents and editors are looking for. The system is nearly built and will be delivered by the end of 2012.

AWP Blog

If you have started investigating the publishing world, you are probably overwhelmed by the scope of what you need to do. Likewise we were shocked when we started studying the subject. With our Author Web Page Blog we hope to share some of our findings and suggestions. And since we have been giving business advice to business owners [ you do realize you are a business owner ] for several years we can also provide some guidance on finances, operations and marketing.

AWP Blog

Book Surveys

You have sent out your manuscript to friends and family. You want their honest opinion of how your book could be improved. What is required is a Customer Survey. We have built the system where you could email your reviewers and catalogue their feedback into a database. The insights gained can help you improve your book and can help you create a marketing strategy you could share with your publisher.

Author Blog

Once you have set up an Author Web Page, we could also pull in your existing blog, e.g. Twitter, Blogger, Moveable Type into your Author Web Page.

Alternatively I can build a system on which you can blog.

Discussion Board

How do I find an Agent? What rights should I retain in my publishing contract? Should I consider Self Publishing? What publishers accept my genre: Romance| Science Fiction| Mystery.

Chances are we will not implement this. This would require supervision, otherwise the discussions devolve quickly. However if we find sites that have useful discussion boards we will link to them on Resources.


We do have a page set up for Resources. This is a list of web sites with useful information. At this point I have only posted a dozen links. We actually have 100 publishing related web sites in our database. But we need to review them to see which of them are worthy of inclusion.


We could have a section with names, addresses and phone numbers of Agents, Editors, Publishers, Book Doctors, Cover Designers, Printers and other related businesses.